Samurai Showdown V Special Gets Release Date and Launch Trailer

The Samurai Showdown series has been going strong for over 20 years, with the PlayStation platform being one of its strongest showcases over the years. Tomorrow, the final SNK entry hits both the Vita and PlayStation 4 via PSN. With a price point of $14.99, it offers up a lot of value for that money since it’s both cross-play and cross-buy. Online play is added to the game for the first time ever, and you also get trophies and leaderboards alongside an art gallery with unlockable content. Longtime fans who haven’t played this before, or maybe haven’t had it since the Samurai Shodown Anthology hit on the PSP and PS2, this is a great way to enjoy the series on a more modern device – with more features as well.

  • ShammyDubz

    Is it by Code Mystics? Is it as garbage a port as their horrible PS4 version of Garou? Because SNK ports literally go either way; sometimes they’re fine, sometimes they’re complete garbage (just look at reviews for any of their classic games on Steam or GOG). Garou PS4 was infuriating garbage, because the idiots at Code Mystics couldn’t be bothered to map anything to the damn touchpad, and screwed up the menus as a result of coding “PS4 Start” over “Neo Geo Start” like a bunch of dumbasses

    SNK sometimes uses DotEmu, and they sometimes do a great job – Last Blade 2 on GOG is pretty great. But then they also eff up sometimes at random – KOF2002 GOG is complete garbage.

    I have no idea why SNK seems to have such a hard time finding a partner for retro game ports. Sega used M2 for their 3D Arcade Classics – they’re clearly talented and passionate about retro games, why doesn’t SNK use them? How about Hamster, who do the Arcade Classics Archive, which ALSO INCLUDES SNK GAMES. They do a fantastic job, why does this kind of project need to be a standalone? I just don’t get how SNK manages their retro ports, but I know this: you ALWAYS have to be a cautious consumer, because they screw them up half the time and that sucks.