Steve Hannley
Editor in Chief

Steve has been around the industry for over a decade and has been involved with Hardcore Gamer for eight years. In that time, he’s worked with multiple gaming publications including IGN, Gamepro, 1UP and more before finally taking the reigns of Hardcore Gamer in 2009. When he’s not managing both the editorial and business sides of the brand, he’s off gallivanting around the world.

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It'sMeforYouAdam Beck
Editorial Director

The Canadian with the heart of rice, Adam Beck has survived in forty below weather and hazardous snow storms for far too long. His Tim Horton’s degree can only go so far and his poutine grad school scholarship is about to run up, so what better way to make a living than writing about his favorite pastime: video games. He has gone from a lonely Asset Manager to a full on Editorial Director with a dream of developing his own video game in the future. Until then, he’ll be subjected to hundreds of stereotypical Canadian jokes on a daily basis.

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matt bunnyMatt Whittaker
Supervising Editor

Matt Whittaker was born at the Stork Factory and was delivered to his parents’ doorstep over twenty-three years ago. Because he was terrible at most things (chemistry, liking cauliflower, and empathy), he took to writing about video games for kicks. Fast forward to the present day, and Matt continues to vomit out whatever gaming-related thoughts spawn from his mind in a more official capacity. Also, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is the best Nintendo game ever, and if you disagree, he’ll use the deadly Fridge Power on you.

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Jeremy “JPeeples” Peeples
Senior Editor

Jeremy Peeples started gaming in 1987 and his first console was a Sears-bought Atari. Mastery of Pole Position led him to love Rad Racer on the NES and his hatred of the snickering dog in Duck Hunt will never end. He loves all systems and his adoration of the OUYA has grown to almost unhealthy levels at various points, and has become a running joke thanks to God-awful games like Man Boobs Are Candy Corn HD being exclusive to the platform.

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James Cunningham

James Cunningham has been gaming since the late 70s and it’s warped his world view ever since. I was all about arcades up to the Genesis, which finally reeled me in to home gaming thanks to the power of Sonic. It’s been a lot of fun watching the gaming world change over the decades, and it’s great to know the evolution isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon.

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Kevin Dunsmore

 If snark could kill, Kevin would be a serial killer, or at least have few crimes of passion under his belt. This is a man who loves his shooters, piling hours and hours into whatever the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield might be. Kevin has been in the industry for over five years and wrote at a bevy of websites before finding a permanent home at Hardcore Gamer. Well, permanent if those acquittals hold up.

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Jacob “Jake” Whritenour

Jake Whritenour lives in New Jersey where he trains to be the best like no one ever was. When he’s away from the site he’s busy catching and training Pokémon. He’s also a fan of Luigi and hopes one year the legendary green plumber can shine bright once again.

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Marcus Estrada

Marcus Estrada resides in the far too sunny state of California where he obsesses over niche games that few would proclaim affection for. Visual novels, rhythm/music, and casual puzzlers are just some of his favorite genres. Of course, he’s also always happy to sing the praises of a terrifying new horror game, cool Kickstarter project, or “super indie” independent title.

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Dermot Creegan

Soccer and video games. If those two things ever defined a person more accurately, it’s Dermot. When he’s not leading most soccer leagues in the greater Seattle area in goals and assists or training with the Sounders, he’s losing himself in the latest video game — probably Nintendo related. His garb of choice is a Hanten and when he’s not beating Twilight Princess for the twentieth time, he’s having his bi-weekly Treasure Tracker meeting of which he is currently the sole member of.

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Thomas Ella

Thomas Ella is the kind of guy who plays through The Last of Us in one sitting and then drinks in the shower until the pain goes away. He’d prefer if you didn’t check his trophy list, but if you do, he’d just like you to know that he has no idea how that Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game platinum got on there.

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Adnan Riaz
UK Editor

Graduate from the University of York, Adnan loves literally anything to do with films, music, television and video games. He’s not shy to express his opinions on all of them either. Make sure you follow him on Twitter to find him rambling on about all of the above.

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Nick Kairit

Nick Kairit is somewhat of a mystery. If he’s not screaming into a microphone on stage with his punk band, he’s in his room doing god knows what. He’s also passionate about video games, film, television and collecting vinyl. And if there is enough time in the day, he’ll even podcast and make YouTube videos about the happenings of the entertainment industry.

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Natalie Collazo
Staff Writer

Natalie was born twenty-one years ago from the beautiful city of North Cuba, (Miami, Florida). Unable to understand basic math or science, she decided that being an English Lit major was probably the best route to take when choosing which difficulty to pursue. Her accomplishments include collecting every wave of amiibo at retail price and cosplaying as Ash Williams at every single convention she goes to.

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Edward Dang
News Writer

They told him he could be anything, so he stayed in his room and played video games. Be it anime, comics, books, movies, music, or games, Edward has devoted himself to the pursuit of media that can make him feel things the human language cannot describe. He is addicted to being in more than one place at once, to a life that’s beyond what we can live alone, to a pile of pixels on a rectangle that he thinks is art. He has too many opinions and not enough respect; because it’s a game, he can take it seriously. He also likes pigs.

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Brandon Boatman
News Writer

Brandon Boatman is life long resident of an unknown town in Tennessee. In his spare time he enjoys killing NPCs, looting their corpses, and praising the Sun. Besides abusing the dead he also likes to watch anime, code, play sports, and write about the happenings of the gaming industry.

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Jason O’Connell
Features Writer

Jason O’Connell lives in the world of adventure in any form he can get it in, from running around in the middle of the wilderness with only the shirt on his back, to laying around on the couch while indulging himself in his favorite action/adventure game. Secretly, he wishes he could be Nathan Drake or Indiana Jones, but settles for being just another crazy man trekking around in the woods.

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Tyler Robertson
News Writer

Since he was a wee tot, Tyler has loved video games, but not until very recently did he realize that he wanted video games to be his whole life, to be devoted to the art and to the industry, and that is how he ended up here at Hardcore Gamer. Other than that, Tyler spends his time playing drums and trying to convince his movie-loving friend that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not a heap of trash.

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Marc Cavazos
Japan Editor

Marc Cavazos left behind a luxurious life of cowboys and barbecues found in suburban Texas at a young age to explore the world and find adventures. Now he currently resides in the futuristic and cyberpunk land of Tokyo, Japan. An avid Japanese speaker, Marc enjoys studying Kanji, reading Shonen Jump, listening to shoegaze music, playing bass guitar, and challenging grade school kids to Pokemon matches at cafes in Akihabara.
Darrius Judge
Editor at Large

Known for his ruthless grip, Darrius Judge (born 1959 in Ferguson, MO) is our resident OSHA agent and expert on game development, having single-handedly created the WiiWare title SPOGS Racing while high on bath salts.

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