Recommended Reading

While it’s great to be back, and we’ve got a lot of things to say, it’d be silly to think we’re the only ones being interesting.  It’s a giant interweb with all sorts of goodies lurking in its dark and secret corners, so here’s a handful of links to while away your afternoon-

First up, a nice little almost-pictorial from Castle Story developer Sauropod Studios on why square voxels aren’t suitable for their castle building game.  And as long as you’re there, check out the video on the front page for a nice overview of the game basics from an early development build.

Second, an article from Llamsoft developer Jeff Minter on the origin of Goat Up, the iOS game (with a PC version in the wings eventually) that started off as a relaxing little hobby project for the Atari 2600.  Yes, it’s true, some people find programming for 128 bytes of memory a fun way to spend the weekend.

Third and finally (for now), a giant article on the Buddhist origins of Asura’s Wrath.  The level of detailing in the art design the article points out makes me desperately wish that the demo had shown a game worth playing.

More later, when and as interesting and strange things come into view.