Everything you need to know about SSX in 2.5 minutes

Ok, maybe not technically everything, but this is the video that finally sold me on the new SSX.  From its humble beginnings in the overwhelmingly grey VGA trailer, more and more info has come out on SSX in the intervening year until it finally metamorphosed into this wonderfully insane-looking blast of candy-colored adrenaline.  Yes, there’s plenty that can be said about the number of mountains, classic and new characters, shiny new toys like the wingsuit, and all the other bits and goodies that go with giving SSX its much-deserved revival.  Or you can watch two and a half minutes of footage and hopefully come away with the same impression I did of “Oh yes, this.  This is what I want!”

And yeah, we know, it’s a video from Christmas.  Who pays attention to video game news at Christmastime?

Also, for comparison’s sake, here’s that first video to show how far SSX has come since its SSX: Deadly Descents debut-