The Simpsons Arcade Game Coming to PSN

One of the great joys for us old ’90s gamers was playing Konami’s fantastic beat-em-ups. Nothing beat the atmosphere of people vying for one of the four control sticks to be a part of the group that beats the game. X-Men and TMNT were great, but The Simpsons Arcade Game has long held a special spot in many an arcade fan’s heart.

Finally, after countless reminiscing about the game during sessions of X-Men, The Simpsons is back. Available Exclusively on PSN February 7th, the game will be free to all Playstation Plus Subscribers. No word if it will be available to lowly non-subsrcribers (We call you “normies”), but make sure you get it fast or you’ll have to be Lisa.

Update: The Simpsons Arcade Game will be available to everyone February 3 on XBL and February 7th on PSN.