New Info For Fighting Game Aquapazza On PlayStation 3

While titles like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat spring to mind when discussing fighting games, smaller releases can be just as relevant. Some of the notable ones include Melty Blood and most recently, Aquapazza. Known for getting in the 2011 lineup for one of Japan’s most popular arcade-only tournaments Tougeki ~Super Battle Opera~, Aquapazza will now be arriving on the PlayStation 3.

The game plays similar to a modern fighter with elements such as special moves and a super bar but it also includes an assist system. Each player will have a main character to control while having a special assist character, similar to that of the original Marvel vs. Capcom.

Along with the main game, the PlayStation 3 version will include two special story modes, a score attack mode, training mode, and a gallery featuring various art from the game. Exclusive to the console version are two more additional characters from visual novels created by Japanese studio Leaf (characters from their properties are in the game).

The PlayStation 3 version will be available in June to Japanese retailers. No news or dates for an international localization version has been announced, but those who want to play the Japanese version can import it being that PlayStation 3 is region free.