Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken Reality Show Begins Today

As promotion for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom today started their two week reality show series Cross Assault live for free on stream site Twitch.TV.

In collaboration with popular fighting game streams IPLAYWINNER and Team Spooky, Capcom will be doing long broadcasts of Cross Assault where a group of fighting game players represent both Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken. They all aim to compete for $25,000 but they have to first eliminate each other in a series of challenges within Street Fighter X Tekken.

The show is separated by three streams with Capcom-Unity showing off the main show with IPLAYWINNER and Team Spooky broadcasting teams Tekken and Street Fighter respectively. They will be streaming all day for multiple days so make sure to check out the channels (Main stream, Team Street Fighter, Team Tekken) for the teams practicing before the elimination challenges every night.