Lumines: Electronic Symphony Could Have Been Lumines: Daft Punk

Robot Rock

You should own Lumines: Electronic Symphony if you have a Vita. It’s a beautiful game filled with amazing music and visuals. What’s really surprising, though, is that the game was almost Lumines: Daft Punk.

According to the 8-4 Play Podcast, Ubisoft was onboard to collaborate with Daft Punk. Mizuguchi met with the duo in 2010 and they expressed their interest doing music for Lumines as well as their admiration for Rez. They only wanted to do the game if they could compose original music. Unfortunately, Daft Punk were busy at the time with Tron Legacy and had no time to do it.

I can’t believe how close we came to not only a Daft Punk version of Lumines, but also more original Daft Punk music. That pairing would have been so epic, surely moving systems to rabid Daft Punk fans. Perhaps in the future we may see some DLC from the robots. As much as I would have loved Lumines: Daft Punk, though, I’m actually glad Electronic Symphony was made. It features a pitch-perfect blend of some of my favorite electronic tracks. Still, though, Daft Punk need to get onboard again. Or, you know, make another album.