Project Draco Becomes Crimson Dragon

Project Draco has been a name for a while due to its connection with the Panzer Dragoon games. It has finally been shown off, but with a new title.

Now called Crimson Dragon, the game went playable in a special 10th anniversary Japanese Xbox 360 fan event. Crimson Dragon is being developed by Panzer Dragoon designer Yukio Futatsugi and will utilize the 360’s Kinect sensor.

The Famitsu report described the game as a rail shooter with your hands used to attack oncoming enemies. The left hand will use powerful attacks that uses up a special gauge while the right hand can do quick lock-on attacks. If the gauge is filled, the player can perform a special attack when using both hands.

In the preview, the game also shows off a special hub menu and even the ability to feed their dragon for different skills. Crimson Dragon will also have different dragon types in the game apart from the main dragon from the demo.

It’s promising to see more exciting games using the Xbox 360’s Kinect and it’s also to see Panzer Dragoon return to a certain degree. There is no specific release date but it’s expected to come out this year for Xbox Live Arcade.