Crytek Has a Game Called “Fibble”

When you think of Crytek, you think of machismo. You don’t think of wacky words like “Fibble”. Hell, you don’t even think of the syllables comprising the word. Not only has Crytek announced “Fibble — Flick ‘n’ Roll”, however, but it won’t involve shooting people. And it’s mobile. What the hell?

Fibble is a puzzle game that combines strategy with physics-based interactions and detailed visuals. You’ll take control of an extraterrestrial named “Fibble”, who has crash landed in a suburban home on Earth. During the crash, Fibble becomes separated from his crew. The goal of the game is to help Fibble find and regroup with his crew while exploring the home.

The game actually looks really neat and graphically-powerful for a mobile title. As you can see in the screenshots we’ve posted below, there’s certainly an inventive Pikmin-like vibe to the game. It’s due out for release on iOS and Android this spring. Check out the official website, which features a trailer, here. Surely Crytek creating this game is a sign of the apocalypse and I, for one, welcome our new Fibble overlords.