Resident Evil – The Coolest Roommate Ever:

Now coming to the PS3 as a digital download, Capcom has confirmed the soon to be released Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection. The collection will include The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles. Sad for Wii fans that held onto a few Resident Evil exclusives, it is still good news for PS3 owners who want to push through a little bit more zombie mayhem. Hopefully Capcom and Sony will be able to properly transfer and upgrade from the Wii controls in order to offer a fresh revisit.

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   Devil May Cry Tears of Joy:

I think it is agreeable how awkwardly bittersweet the introduction of Nero was in Devil May Cry 4. It was a breath of new life, but the life was whiny and cocky. In fact, how a sniveling little brat got his hands on the sword bearing the soul of Dante’s half-brother would make Mundus roll over in his sulfuric grave. Nero was supposed to be a replacement, but it left many of the old school DMC fans wishing that the greatness of the third entry could have been met with something a bit more epic. Remember when Dante was the strongest demon hunter alive? In case you forgot, or have no idea what happened chronologically before the events in DMC4, then this might be the best news you’ve heard all week.

Amazing moments in PS2 history are now going to be revisited in the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which includes the original trilogy. What makes this slice of death even more stylish? The collection is going to be released for PS3 AND the 360! PS3 fans can shout from the rooftops as they remind Microsoft loyalists how awesome the power of Sony is times three. 360 fans can flaunt shamelessly in front of Sony lovers and remind them that after the Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill HD collections, exclusivity on the classics is becoming obsolete.

Stay tuned for the review after its slated release on 4/3/2012!

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Perhaps the Wii’s exclusive rights on all the inexpensive NES and SNES classics (usually less than $5-$10 bucks for must-haves) earn Nintendo the last laugh?

Better yet, are all of the PC diehards laughing at all of us console kids? Because with WiFi and a little knowhow, they opted out of shaving to save time for all those games they access with ease? PC kids: the real hairy zombie threat.