Playstation 3 $1,000,000 Contest

How many times have you passed around that second controller as each of your friends fall victim to your merciless Madden beatings? Can you bicycle kick a goal from midfield? Do you consider a ‘hat trick’ to be a lousy excuse for ending a three goal streak? If you consider yourself an EA sports winning machine, you are being called out! Whether you play Fifa 12, NHL 12, or Madden 12, Sony and EA have come together to sponsor several events with different level cash prizes. So what do you need to know to win?

For a $10 dollar entry fee, you are placed in a tourney bracket where you will compete against others for $200,000, $400,000, and up to $1,000,000. All you have to do? Beat a consecutive 6 players to place in the semi-final rounds where you’ll find yourself in New York City, April 27th-29th. If you feel like getting your Tebow on, your prayers could be answered by winning one of nine free passes Sony is graciously gifting. Not interested in the six-win streak shenanigans or the Wonka golden ticket? You may be inclined to pay the steep $448 entry fee do jump straight into the NYC finals.

Remember all those countless hours spent grinding away over the years on annual installments of sports titles? Here’s your chance to show them that it truly pays to be a HARCORE GAMER!

Hurry! The game participation portion of the contest ends 3/25/2012. More details on sign up and participation can be found on Playstation’s official website under EVENTS.