Live Charity TSSZ Sonic Endurance Race

Sonic the Hedgehog site TSSZ is currently holding a live charity event to benefit the Japanese Tsunami Relief. In this event, two gamers (Ryan and Imran) will continuously race each other through Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. If you’ve ever had to play through the game (especially recently, as the game has not aged well) you surely remember the inherent frustration….but imagine the joy of watching someone else go through it!

Ryan and Imran will continue playing through Sonic all day, but if the donation gets high enough, more pain will ensue:

More than $200: We continue onwards to Shadow’s Story

More than $400: We continue onwards to Silver’s Story

More than $600: We continue onwards to The Final Story

A single donation of $20 or more: The player currently in first place must take a detour by finishing a previously-unlocked level  on the “Hard Mode” difficulty setting, if available. Youmust leave a comment with your $20 ChipIn donation specifying that it is for a “Handicap” (leaving your email address in the comment might also be a good idea).

As of this writing, the total jumped over $400 and is already sitting at $524! Just another $76 and it’s time for The Final Story.

We think that this is a fantastic idea for a great cause and their goal is really not too much, so everyone can get involved. Click here to watch the official stream.