Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy Has Gone Too Far

When I don’t like something, I complain about it. It’s only natural! When the Mass Effect 3 ending “controversy” began, I found it quite interesting. People were up in arms about an ending they claim was a copout compared to the overarching scope of the game. Were these complaints valid? Sure.

During the past two weeks, however, things have gotten out of hand. People destroying copies of Mass Effect, starting charity drives to change the ending and now, returning the game because they didn’t like the ending. That’s like demanding your money back because you thought Drive didn’t wrap up well enough. People are acting like this is unprecedented. There’s been great movies and games with disappointing endings for years. Maybe you still appreciate the work, but if not, you move on.

Of course, the news of returns are exaggerated. Amazon isn’t e-mailing customers saying “You purchased a copy of Mass Effect 3 and the ending stunk, so here’s $59.99 back.” A few people are just e-mailing Amazon complaining about it. Having great customer service, they’re refunding the money back. Quite frankly you could do the same thing with ANY game if you try hard enough.

Still, though, the fact that this kind of stuff is still going on is annoying. Mass Effect 3 is a great game; bad ending or not. Sure, maybe the ending is a let down, but ruinining everything you’ve ever experienced within the franchise? Absolutely ridiculous. Don’t forget that besides the ending, most everything else is incredible. Why not spend all this time actually complaining about a game that was bad like, you know, *cough* Ninja Gaiden 3?

Enough is enough, this “controversy” has to stop.