Hardcore Gamer Spotlight: JDI MSTR SAMOS

The Hardcore Gamer staff is forever hunting game developers, PR reps, and game designers in an attempt to bring you important-and not so important-game happenings. But we don’t do it for them.

The spotlight belongs on YOU! The real reason why the X button sticks, the right trigger spring squeaks, and HDTV screens explode from vigorous Wii Sport sessions resulting in catapulted Wii-motes! In this feature of HARDCORE GAMER SPOTLIGHT, we interviewed the XBOX Live featured Player of the Week: JDI MSTR SAMOS.

 Khris G: I’m glad we had the opportunity to get in touch with you to chat with another hardcore gamer! My first question is almost as obvious as the answer. When you found out you were an XBox Live featured gamer, were you pretty excited?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: Yeah, of course. I was really excited… and also because not many of my friends play Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, so I knew I would find others who play like me.

Khris G: Do you own any other system? Or is the XBOX 360 your main console from this generation?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: Yeah, I own a Wii, but only use it to play Mario Kart once in awhile. And an Original Xbox for the games that can’t be played on the 360, but the XBOX 360 is the main console.

Khris G: Any reason why you went with the 360 over other systems?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: I first got the Original XBOX for Halo, and now that’s all I use. I’ve heard good things about the PS systems, but have never been interested in them.

Khris G: As a huge fan myself, I noticed one of the reasons you were featured was because of your dedication to the Assassin’s Creed games and respective achievements. 100% completion on every Assassin’s Creed 360 release so far is the mark of a truly dedicated fan! How long have you been a fan of the AC franchise?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: Well, I am a huge fan, but I didn’t get AC until well after its release. Once I played, I got hooked, and I’ve been pre-ordering them ever since.

Khris G: If you had to choose, who would you say is your favorite: Ezio, Altair, or Desmond?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: Altair, of course. Ezio is great, but Altair is hands down the best assassin.

Khris G: Good man, JDI! As you know, Assassin’s Creed III is preparing its way to systems everywhere. Unfortunately, there were some uncertainties about the quality of the true sequel because people felt Revelations was almost a carbon copy of Brotherhood. As a hardcore fan, what would you say to the skeptics?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: I think ACIII is going to be the best game in the franchise. And to the skeptics, it’s another AC game, what can be wrong with that?

Khris G: If someone offered you a bag of Hanes autographed by Michael Jordan, or a limited edition ACIII signed by the voice cast, which would you pick?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: Easy decision. The autographed ACIII please! I’m a Lakers fan, so Jordan is nothing to me, especially with Kobe soon to dethrone Jordan as #1.

Khris G: Funny stuff, JDI! You are definitely one with the dark side. Anything you would like to say to the other hardcore gamers out there?

JDI MSTR SAMOS: Sure. Play Hard, Obey the Rules, and ALWAYS Play with Respect.

Khris G: Thanks for stopping by, JDI!

JDI MSTR SAMOS: Thank you for the opportunity, Khris.

Feel like hitting up a real Assassin challenge? Find JDI MSTR SAMOS stalking shadows and haystacks on any of the AC multiplayer games!

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