Madden 2013 Cover Vote Bracket

So HARDCORE GAMERS, who do we want to curse this year?

All joking aside, it’s that time again, and the final voting brackets are in place. Who do you feel deserves to be on the cover of the upcoming Madden game?

The bracket includes some fan faves like Jared Allen, “Megatron” Calvin Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald (this editor’s choice). Other players include five-star quality quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Other players are awesome to see in the running given their special stories and situations. Booming kicker Sebastian Janikowski: the Raider who tied the NFL record distance kick last season. How about the dynamite Victor Cruz? A previously undrafted free agent, Cruz went on to becoming a major season long contributor to the Super Bowl XLVI winning New York Giants? Or how about the only quarterback whose prayers are answered every time he takes a knee: the Denver Bronco’s ex-starter Tim Tebow? Say what you will, but Tebow, a solid Broncos team, and an abundance of drama stole most of the spotlight during the last eight-twelve games of the regular season. How crazy would it be to see Tebow cover NCAA Football 2011 as a Gator, and then Madden 2013 as a Bronco, only to have him traded to another team?

Want to talk QBs? How about Cam Newton: his rookie year was spent shattering records left and right, stealing quite a few away from QBs like Detroit Lion Matthew Stafford. He even dethroned the Denver Broncos’ newest prized possession, Peyton Manning, for most yards thrown by a rookie on opening day. There is a deserving story for every player, but how about you take this over to ESPN and vote today!