NCAA Football 2013 Cover: Gamer Votes Count!

The semi-final round is nearing its end, and it’s up to all you hardcore gamers out there to decide who will join Robert Griffin III on the cover of the next glorious edition of NCAA Football 2013. Hop onto EA sports and fill out the necessary information in order to participate. Be a part of gaming history as players get to vote between four semi-finalists.

Doug Flutie

First up is the AmeriCanadian Doug Flutie, who played for Boston College and went on to play for great NFL teams like the Bills, Chargers, and Patriots. Why vote Flutie?  Aside from his amazing stats in multiple leagues spanning two countries… who can resist a bowl of Flutie Flakes?

Desmond Howard

Second semi-finalist is Michigan’s own Desmond Howard. One of four players ever to win both the Heisman trophy AND a Super Bowl MVP, he did damage everywhere in the NFL. Not just multiple teams, but also in multiple positions. Playing in the wide receiver slot and both punt and kick returning. Another good reason to vote Desmond Howard: he already has an NCAA cover on his video game resume for NCAA 2006.

Barry Sanders

The third and one of the most memorable football players of our time: OSU’s Barry Sanders. Hall of Famer in both college and the NFL, Barry Sanders rushed for over 15,000 yards in his career. Say Detroit Lions without thinking about Barry Sanders… IT’S NOT GONNA’ HAPPEN!

 The final candidate in the semi finals is another College Football Hall of Fame inductee: UGA’s three time All-American Herschel Walker. If there is a stat in College, the NFL, or the USFL, odds are Herschel was pretty close to smashing it with a TKO (oh yeah, he also participated in MMA when he started slowing down at age 48ish).

Herschel Walker

With four deserving athletes up for this prestigious opportunity, it’s hard to predict who will make it to the final head-to-head round. This hardcore gamer has one last thought:  get over to EA and vote before it’s too late!