Class of Heroes II Limited Edition Kickstarter Ambitions

One thing I miss most about late 90s/early aughts gaming are the massive limited editions Working Designs would put together. As one of the only publishers localizing Japanese games at the time, Working Designs would use these to help lure you into buying a game you might normally overlook.

Their limited editions weren’t boring and generic like what publishers release now (steelbooks, $100+ statues and DLC). Working Design’s limited editions included fun and unique trinkets such as watches, hardcover books, soundtracks, mini standees, jewelry and more. They were a fun, cool thing to obtain that really got you into the game.

Unfortunately, these limited editions have fallen by the wayside. Gaming packaging has slowly been declining to the point that manuals are no longer included and cases have holes. Not content to let that happen with their releases, Gaijinworks (headed by Working Design’s former president, Victor Ireland) have launched a Kickstarter to restore awesome packaging with a deluxe pack for Class of Heroes II.

There are multiple levels to pledge at, but by far the most appealing tier includes the Class of Heroes II deluxe pack and a limited edition poster and bronze lapel pin. For $59, it’s certainly reasonable, especially if Gaijinworks makes good on their claim that the deluxe pack contains “more swag than we’ve ever done for one game – more swag than any other console game I know of.  This is epic stuff.”

Well,the 1999 version of Dack is certainly excited.

The biggest downsides to this project is that Class of Heroes II will be a PSP UMD release (who the hell still has a PSP!?) and the goal is an enourmous $500,000, which I fear may not be reached.

If you’re at all interested, head over to the Kickstarter to read more and pledge. Even if you’re not too keen on this release, if successful, it will certainly pave the way for more limited editions like it.