Rayman Origins Deserved Better Than This

While perusing Target’s electronic aisle end caps for deals today, I was shocked by what appeared: Rayman Origins for $14.98.

As you can see in the picture I snapped below, Target took every single copy of Origins and slapped a clearance sticker on it. I realize all games eventually go on clearance, regardless of quality, but generally when Target clearances something they are discontinuing it and any future stock.

Rayman Origins came out just five months ago and was reduced to $39.99 only a month later. Soon after, $29.99. Now it’s less than 15 bucks. No platinum/greatest hits treatment, just bargain bin banishment.

It hurts to see such an incredible game being subjected to the clearance pile as people pick up the latest generic shooter they’ve played a hundred times before. When people turn their back on creative game like this, where’s the incentive for developers to keep funding them?

  • Awesome

    I guess I’ll be picking up a copy real soon.

  • JPeeples

    It’s sad, but further proof that the game probably should have been an XBLA/PSN/Wii Shop game to begin with since 2D platformers without the Mario name are a niche. I thought Origins would fare better just because of how awesome it looks, but I’m not surprised. It is one of the best platformers of this generation though, and well worth buying.

  • IEmersonI

    I was at my local walmart the other day and noticed they had Mass Effect 3 for 39.99, made me chuckle a little.

  • RHF

    Well, I was never a fan of Rayman since he became big with the second game, but I might pick this up for that cheap of a price

  • I wish we had a Target, I probably would have hoarded them just to try and support Rayman. But I agree, we needed more games like Rayman in our industry, but looking at its sales, it doesn’t seem like we’ll get very many of them.