Draw Something!

Draw Something, the latest addiction in social gaming, has already been downloaded more than 1.2 million times. It’s currently number two on Apple’s “Top Paid” applications.

This game is basically the mobile version of Pictionary. A player picks a word from a list, draws it and lets the other player guess what is being portrayed. With loads of word possibilities, words can range from “fruit” to “Snooki”, but only three words can be chosen from at a time.

You know your artistic skills more than anybody, so be careful. After all, you don’t want the other player to become so frustrated by your chicken scratch that they pass their turn, sending your win streak all the way back to zero. To guess the word, you choose from a predetermined group of letter tiles. If you’re stuck guessing, bomb power-ups can be used to destroy letters that won’t be played. Extra bombs can be purchased with coins that you’ll receive after every successful round. You can also purchase new colors to fill your drawings with life.

Draw Something can be enjoyed by painters, art students, construction workers and children alike. You don’t need to take a Perspectives of Drawing class in order to win, though it might help! It’s suprisingly easy to figure out, though it is hard to draw on such a small screen using only your finger. A lot of beautiful renderings have been already been popping up like this darling little peacock:

If you enjoy social games, word games, or just like to draw, you’ll eat this game up. Omgpop, the company who developed it, was recently bought by Zynga — one of the most successful mobile gaming companies around. With that kind of backing, Draw Something is sure to dominate smartphones across the world.