Hardcore Gamer Spotlight: MollyPopGirl

The Hardcore Gamer staff is forever hunting game developers, PR reps, and game designers in an attempt to bring you important-and not so important-game happenings. But we don’t do it for them.

The spotlight belongs on YOU! The real reason why the X button sticks, the right trigger spring squeaks, and HDTV screens explode from Wii-mote controller projectiles! In this feature of HARDCORE GAMER SPOTLIGHT, we interviewed the XBOX Live featured Player of the Week: MollyPopGirl.


Khris Golder: Thousands of applicants are nominated to be of one the Xbox Live featured players. What was your first reaction when they contacted you?

MollyPopGirl: Ironically, I found out on Valentine’s Day. I remember saying ‘forever alone no more!’ I felt incredibly shocked and honored to have been chosen.

KG: After so emphatically declaring your love for video games, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a gamer guy to drop you a line! How long have you been playing video games?

MPG: I’ve been playing video games since I can remember. We had the original Nintendo growing up, and I can still recall playing Duck Hunt…cursing the dog that laughed at you in between levels.

KG: That high pitched chuckle of his made us all click off a few blanks at his big toothed face! What game was the first game you remember playing?

MPG: Duck Hunt is the farthest back I can remember… In my spare time, I would run around with the plastic controller “practicing”. Naturally, this consisted of pointing it at random things and yelling ‘pew pew pew!’

KG: Nice! If you could pin any two video game protagonists against each other, who would you pick and why would you want to see them face off?

MPG: Oh, man… great question! The AC fangirl in me wants to say Ezio against Altair. I think it would be a freakin’ epic battle!

KG: Now for some either/or franchises: Call of Duty or Battlefield?

MPG: Definitely Call of Duty. I just can’t get into Battlefield– I know people love it, and it’s a good game, but it’s just not for me.

KG: COD girl! Okay, how about this one: Zelda or Final Fantasy?

MPG: Zelda for sure. I have vivid memories playing it on N64. I would always mess up the flute song!

KG: Street Fighter or Tekken?

MPG: I like both a lot, but I’m going… with Tekken.

KG: Zelda but not Street Fighter, eh? MollyPopGirl is here to keep everyone on their toes. You called yourself an AC fangirl. Does that make it your favorite franchise?

MPG: Absolutely Assassin’s Creed! I’m just entranced with those games. They could put out “Assassin’s In Space” and I would still probably buy it.

KG: Hopefully they don’t. So then we can only assume which upcoming title you’re most excited to see…

MPG: Definitely Assassin’s Creed 3. I got to see the exclusive gameplay at PAX East, and it just blew me away. Bioshock Infinite is a close second though.

KG: If you could see anything in a next gen console, what would it be?

MPG: Reverse capabilities (and make) blu-ray players mandatory. I would also like to see a Comedy Central app. Free high fives would be nice too.

KG: High fives make the world go ‘round. Thanks for your time, MollyPopGirl!

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