That’s All Folks: No More Qore

In a suprising announcement, Sony has announced that April will be the last month for Qore:

“This episode also features a retrospective look back at Qore’s nearly four years at Playstation Network. As the first interactive digital magazine on a game console, Qore provided an innovative mix of quality HD video and interactive content covering over 160 new games. With this April episode, Qore concludes its run on the PlayStation Network. As a send off, the Qore team built one final DLC package: the Qore Ultimate Arcade features a compilation of 11 mini games offered throughout the series. Our thanks to all involved in the creation and production of Qore and to the many fans who regularly watched each month.”

While Qore never lit the world on fire, it certainly had a large cult following. A nice throwback to the days of Jampack, it’s a bit sad that original video content on Playstation will be no more. Maybe this is why Veronica Belmont stepped down last year.

Plus, now how will we get our fix of people with names and personas that remind us of Ghost Rider?