The Curse Crusade Continues

The time is oh so close.  The final four are here, and the journey is half the excitement.

Fitzgerald and Cruz are safe. It looks like Newton is going to have an opportunity to break the curse once in for all. My prediction is that it’s going to end up being a head to head cover battle. Newton and Rodgers had record breaking seasons. Rodgers is the golden man o’ cheese. Newton is the poster boy for newbie excellence. Newton looks like he’s going to take things down, and if anyone can break the Madden curse, Cam can.

Someone asked me the other day, why wouldn’t you just say, “I don’t want it.” First, I asked my friend to slap himself in the face. Then I proceeded to explain Julie Foster (EA Sports) announced that all semi-finalists have “agreed to participate in the competition and, if selected by the fans, will appear on the cover of Madden NFL 13.”

There’s still time for you to vote! If you agree with the article, vote Newton. If you disagree, all I ask is that you don’t vote for Calvin Johnson. He has enough trouble dealing with Stafford’s inconsistencies, let alone becoming overcast by the dreary Madden cover curse cloud. Jay kay, Stafford, we love you even without all your rookie records. *Cough* Newton *cough*

Pick a player and vote your hearts out!