Stop Making Boring Limited Editions

It's like a Limited Edition with a different name!

Only worthy games get limited editions, so Hitman Absolution must be a pretty big deal. At first glance you may think “Awesome, I get a replica sniper gun case!” but NO, that’s not a replica gun case at all — it’s just DLC — making this limited edition quite lame.

The price will most likely be $70-$80, which will basically get you an art book, a DVD and a game code. I’m not going to get into the merits of DLC, but it should not┬ábe considered a cool limited edition bonus. It’s just cheaper and lazier than putting something tangible in there. Outside of the DVD, this is basically just comprised of pre-order bonus quality items.

It’s a shame as there are so many options for awesome limited edition Hitman trinkets. A replica red tie? Sure, why not. A bald cap? Imagine thousands of bald cap sporting Agent 47 lookalikes flocking to a game expo. Chilling. Piano wire? That’d be dangerous.

So many possibilities, yet we get an artbook and DLC.