Technical Difficulties Riddle Revolver Golden Gods Awards

In case you missed it, there’s still time to catch the stream, but I wonder: just how morbid is your curiosity? Find out here…

Anyone familiar with WWE’s Chris Jericho knows he’s fun to hate, and the emotion carries over into his emceeing. Technical difficulties riddled the evening. The upside to a sloppy show was the hilarity of watching the censors try to unsuccessfully bleep out profanities until they just gave up.

Sixx A.M. made me wish I hit snooze. Alice Cooper is surprisingly still alive. Black Veil Brides made me sad. Dee Snyder mumbled “I Wanna Rock.” Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, Matt Heafy of Trivium, and Corey Taylor from Slipknot covered Metallica (awesomeness). Gene Simmons was dubbed a Golden God and accepted the award with one of his endearing long winded self-indulgent speeches that everyone adores (I think). Jack Black and KG (Tenacious D) presented the Dio Lifetime Achievement Award to Rush. Neil Peart humbly accepted on their behalf. Slash overshadowed his Kevin Bacon lookalike lead singer. Avenge Sevenfold took down the most awards of the evening at 2 (most notably Best Live Performers). There was a very heartfelt thanks from an emotional Damien Echols, whose life was literally saved by rock and roll. This happened moments before riling a sleepy crowd by introducing Marilyn Manson to the stage. Who’s accompanying Manson on the guitar? To quote a red Solo cup toting Jericho: “Johnny F*#$ing Depp!”

All in all, it was not surprising a group of rockers would literally struggle getting their acts together. Many famous and up and coming artists got some decent face time thanks to the Xbox Live stream, which can still be streamed for the next 24 hours if anyone is interested!

Regardless of the follies, and pending rating announcements, it seemed to be a successful evening for Xbox Live Executive Producer Richard Winn and his V-Team. Any publicity is good publicity.