Crysis III Aimed for Spring 2013 Release

Get ready to throw down on Cell Corp in the futuristic FPS starring Prophet, the nano suit wielding super soldier. That’s right, EA Games announced today that Crysis III is coming to PS3, 360 and PC in early 2013. Crysis developer Crytek has always talked of making Crysis a trilogy depending on the success of each title entry. Given the sizeable fan base for the first, the rerelease on XBLA and the Crysis 2 explosion, Crytek is pushing for an epic (and potential) conclusion to the journey of two men joined by a nano suit (That definitely sounds way less badass than it should).

Very little is known about Crysis III’s plot for certain. The premise sounds like a kicking good time, though. Cell Corporation has managed to quarantine a rubble riddled New York. The former heart of America is now confined to a giant dome prison, and Prophet must combat his way through each section known as the Seven Wonders. According to the official Crysis site, the trailer for the game will be available within the next couple of weeks. However, there are already several beautiful screenshots floating around. Taking place in a 2047 post-battle zone version of New York, the levels seem significantly diverse, ranging from crumbling buildings to futuristic labs and luscious jungle grounds.

There will be more details to come with the next EA press release, but surprisingly there are already talks of multiple special edition variants with a pre-order. The three main tiers include the Stalker Pack, the Overkill Pack and the Predator Pack. Stay reserved about reserving a copy, as these early pre-order packs tend to change tenfold before the official release.