Darksiders II Pushed to August

THQ’s upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed Darksiders will not be shipping to retailers this June. Instead, Darksiders II has been pushed two months to August. This will allow Vigil Games to “polish and ensure that all aspects of Darksiders II meet the high-quality bar the team is targeting,” as said by THQ Community Manager, Mathew Everett. THQ has been going through some rough times, but they have always seemed to go out of their way to create high quality franchises, such as Darksiders and Saints Row. Hopefully THQ can afford the delay.

Being so prodigiously excited for Darksiders II, all I can hope for is as impactful of an experience as the first game was. If a couple more months is all it takes to polish it up and ensure there are no game damaging bugs or visual issues, by all means take it. A delay will always be forgotten but a bad game is eternal.

If you have any questions regarding the delay, head over to THQ’s official announcement.