Preview: Dishonored

ZeniMax Media subsidiaries, Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks (the companies behind huge hits such as Fallout 3, RAGE and Skyrim) have just announced their latest title; Dishonored. 

You play as a former bodyguard who becomes imprisoned after the Empress you were hired to protect is murdered (apparently by you!). Accused of the crime, you’re visited by a mysterious man while in jail. Before he disappears, he gives you a “gift” — a strange insignia that burns your hand as it glows.

Based on the game’s trailer, this so-called “gift” is pretty awesome. You gain amazing abilities like slowing time and busting doors open without touching them. The character runs around rooftops and spies through keyholes to keep a low profile. You can use your new powers, gadgets and skills to eliminate targets. There’s multiple ways to play the game. Choosing to be a merciless assassin may be an effective approach, or you could be more “creative” to complete your objective.

The world is a mix of past and future — an Assassin’s Creed meets Bioshock kind of game with hints of superheroes. Keeping in touch with the past, the uniforms resemble Renaissance style and swords are the main weapon. Not to forget the future, there are also soldiers with robotic spider stilts and electric barrier fences. The game appears to be a delicious culmination of fantasy and reality.

Set to be released this year (and we’re hoping it’ll be soon), Dishonored will be available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. By the look of things, it’s on its way to becoming a “killer” success.