Say Hello to Halo 4

Reached prestige twice over? Hang up the modern warfare weaponry for some ridiculous melee strength, because it’s official, Halo 4 now has a confirmed launch date. Master Chief awakes from his floating cryo-coma on 11-06-2012. The amazing team at Bungie may have departed from the franchise, but 343 Industries slapped the news on thick today.  Not only is there now an official launch date of H4, but it is delivered with the glorious news that two more Halo titles are slated for Xbox.

343 released a podcast today on their official website where Josh Holmes, Kevin Franklin and Brad Welch discuss many facets of the Halo 4 multiplayer. 343 mentioned how they would like to design the Halo 4 multiplayer in a fashion that would make it feel more like a continuation of the single player campaign. Does this mean more of a COD level system, or something more personal to ‘your’ Halo soldier? It seems a bit up in the air at this point, but with so many countless hours already invested in the multiplayer over the past 15 years, anything extra is purely icing on a devil’s food cake.

Something else 343 snuck in at the end of their podcast would make you shiver like a grunt on the other end of a barrel. How awesome would it be to play the game before the release? Apparently, 343 Industries discussed the possibilities of “Willy Wonka stuff,” where some players may be chosen to play the game pre-release or pre-Beta! All this Halo news is music to our ears. To quote the lovely Beyoncé, “Let me see your Halo.”