Madden 2013 Cover Hits Final Round

This is it. Weeks have passed. Millions have voted. Dozens of players have been spared the Madden cover curse. It’s down to two. Newton goes head to head with Johnson in the final bracket of the Madden 2013 Cover bracket.

Hardcore Gamer gives some honorable mentions to this year’s cover bracket losers (or winners, depending on if you’re superstitious).

The People’s Champion Award: Larry Fitzgerald.

Let’s face it: Fitz is a stellar teammate, football player and overall human being. To be a constant contender for the Madden cover each year (with a shared cover in 2010), we easily grant him The People’s Champion award. High five, Fitz. High Five.

The How’s That Belt Feel Now? Award: Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers had a phenomenal season, only to fizzle out in a lackluster postseason loss that arguably fell on the elite QB’s shoulders. Many were surprised about the loss, but it was pretty obvious if you watched their first loss of the season against the then winless KC Chiefs. A lot of NFL fans would think that Rodgers got a little too big for his britches after the previous year’s Superbowl MVP victory. Calvin Johnson won 2/3rd the vote, keeping Rodgers out of the final round. Looks like no victories this year for Aaron Rodgers. Unless, of course, you include his How’s That Belt Feel Now? award.

The That’s Not Even Fair Award: Dwayne Bowe.

In the first bracket, KC WR Dwayne Bowe was matched against WR Calvin Johnson. Over 503,000 votes were tallied just between these two players in the first round alone. Calvin Johnson won with a landslide made of landslides. 92% of the voters picked Megatron over Bowe. That means Bowe brought in a bit over 40,000 votes against Megatron’s +462,000 votes. And that’s not even fair.

The True Underdog Award: Patrick Willis.

Not only was his team’s season and playoff run pretty epic, breathing life into the stagnant NFC West, Willis’ season was terrific. His nomination for Madden cover was something great. Willis was also a part of the most surprising twist of all the bracket matchups. Patrick Willis beat Victor Cruz! It was a great story in the making, but little could be said about his loss against Cam Newton last bracket. He was a good sport about the ride, tweeting today @PatrickWillis52 “It was a fun madden bracket. I got further then many thought I would n for that I thank all that voted for me. That’s luv!” It’s this reason we say Patrick Willis, even with a loss, was the true underdog of the Madden 2013 cover bracket.

Final Runner-up award TBA:

Will it be the Rook Got Took award? Or will it be the Smacked Back to Cybertron award?

Vote out the final round at ESPN!