Prey 2 Still In Development, But Pushed Past 2012

Rumors started circulating nearly a month ago that Bethesda had axed Human Head Studios’ upcoming sequel, Prey 2. With Bethesda being oddly quiet on the situation, fans became to speculate that the rumor might have some truth behind it. It was only today that Bethesda went on the record to put things straight. According to Bethblog, Prey 2 is not cancelled, but will not meet the 2012 release date they were expecting. Gamers can breathe of a sigh of release knowing that Space Bounty Hunter Killian Samuels will find his first prey sometime past the 2012 calender year.

Prey 2 received¬†considerably¬†high buzz at E3 last year when Bethesda released the beautifully rendered CG trailer. With promises of open world exploration and multiple ways to track down a bounty, it was shaping up to be a futuristic space-oriented Stranger’s Wrath. Knowing that Human Head Studios is still hard at work creating an immense world for gamers to traverse is hopefully enough to tide over your worries. Lets hope this space epic releases in 2013 and is not lost in the void.