Preview: Borderlands 2

If you played Borderlands (which is likely considering it sold over 3 million copies) you know how much ass it kicked. When Gearbox announced a sequel, gamers collectively jumped for joy. After all, with new characters, settings, features and three years of hard work, one could only imagine the awesomeness we were in for next. 

Borderlands 2 features a brand new roster of characters who may seem a bit familiar on the surface. There’s Salvador, who appears very similar to Brick, Maya — the equivalent to Lilith, Axton, who is very similar to Roland and a mysterious character named Zero,  reminiscent of a ninja. Don’t go getting all weepy because you miss the old gang; they’ll pop up somewhere as non-playable characters. As far as baddies go, the main antagonist seems like a pretty evil dude who’s built a base on Pandora’s moon. If that wasn’t enough, his name is Handsome Jack (that jerk). Oh, and everybody’s favorite robotic box-shaped dance machine is back — the Claptrap!

There’s plenty of monsters to go around including some gorilla-type creatures, marine/terrestrial squid things and huge robots with scary looking weapons. Remember Skags? They were like harmless little puppies in the first game, but are now gigantic menacing monsters. The most troublesome enemies should again be the Hyperion soldiers, returning from Borderlands and now ruled by Handsome Jack.

Gearbox claims there will be 870 gajillion guns. While that’s probably a tiny bit exaggerated, there should still be quite a bit. Plus, don’t forget about brand new skills to add to your arsenal.While Salvador’s skill remains a mystery, it looks like Maya can teleport enemies while Zero can disappear to execute sneak attacks. If you can believe it, Axton will have even a bigger turret than Roland did — a skill itself.

Let’s face it: Borderlands 2 will sell millions of copies regardless of the end product because, after all, it’s Borderlands. We all loved Borderlands. With new additions and an interesting plot, the series is set to capture gamer’s hearts all over again when Borderlands 2 is released in September.