Ron Paul Gets Pixelated

The latest buzz around Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul doesn’t concern politics at all, but rather a video game. A recently announced indie game titled “Ron Paul: The Road to REVOLution” features the longtime Republican adventuring across the United States in constant search of gold and ass kicking. The gold collecting, of course, references Paul’s longtime stance on the importance of reinforcing the gold standard, while the henchman and surprise boss fights mark Paul’s longtime love of ass-kicking.

As you can see on the official Kickstater page (check out Dack’s take on the platform here), Daniel Williams has already received multiple backers, exceeding his modest fundraising goal of $5,000.00.

For the first time ever, video games are now an official medium of political campaigning. While I doubt we’ll see a Mitt Romney game anytime soon, this certainly opens up the possibility for more political video game craziness.