Worst Cover Art Ever: Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition

Game of the Year Editions never have good cover art. People are already aware of the game, so the purpose of the GOTY variant is to attract stragglers who haven’t yet picked up the game or veterans who seek more content. It’s only fair that review quotes and new features are listed in large font. Even by GOTY standards, however, Batman Arkham City GOTY has ridiculously awful cover art:

At first glance, I’m not even sure if the game is called “10 out of 10” or Batman Arkham City. Not only are the quotes actually bigger than the name of the game, but the logo is relegated to a random space on the right side.

I understand the need for advertising, but to compromise the integrity of the game in the process is ridiculous. Just imagine the woe you’ll feel browsing through your collection and having the giant red font taunt your artistic sensibilities.