Dead or Alive 5: Christie and Bayman Revealed

Bodacious assassin Christie and cold mercenary Bayman are back in the upcoming Dead or Alive sequel. For a while now, there has been a strange silence regarding the upcoming roster with the exception of five of the series’ main characters: Hayate, Kasumi, Hayabusa, Hitomi and Ayane. Today, Tecmo Koei has announced Christie and Bayman will be joining the five in Dead or Alive 5, and I bet you can expect to see Tina and Bass announced in the near future, only to mention a few.

Once thought of as a sure thing, Dead or Alive 5 has a cloud of uncertainty around it due to the letdown that was Ninja Gaiden III. It makes me worried about the quality of the upcoming fighter and what approaches they might take. Team Ninja is very experienced with the genre, however, so I have faith in them to make a quality product. Dead or Alive 5 will be shipping to store shelves sometime this September.