Man Builds (Adorable) Mini Star Wars Arcade Cabinet

What is this -- an arcade for ants!?

Have an urge to put an arcade cabinet in your bedroom? I did. That’s why I have a Donkey Kong beside my bed. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the space that these behemoths require, however. Enter Le Chuck, who’s just built a fully functional 1:6th scale Star Wars arcade cabinet.

The “Star Wars Micro” stands just a foot tall and is a near-exact replication of the original — down to the front/side art. The yoke (controller) is hand crafted with aluminum and responds nearly identically to its full-size brethren. The attention to detail is astounding. The side/front art has been replicated and the marquee even lights up. It’s astounding how similarly it plays to the original (as seen in the below video). Head over to Arcade Controls to view more pictures and information about Le Chuck’s building process.

I hope more builders follow suit, because a complete mini-arcade would be amazing. Just imagine how adorable the tokens would be.