Battle At The Capitol – Fighting For Child’s Play Charity Live Now

In my home city of Sacramento, CA, a special fighting game tournament begun for a very good cause. In collaboration with local tournament organizers and word of mouth to the Northern California fighting game community, the event is called Battle at the Capitol. To help spread the tournament, a stream is available here!

The event began with tournament organizers Jason Gist and Jenkins Mitchell trying to help make the Sacramento county get more prominent in the NorCal scene. The charity tournament was their chance to bring people from the region together as well as help contribute to charity organization Child’s Play.

All of the registration fees will be donated to Child’s Play with the fees for every game will be sent to the money pot as well as prizes. The games featured are in the current Evolution 2012 lineup including Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and The King of Fighters XIII.

Make sure to check out the video stream on FinestKO’s TwitchTV channel!