Elder Scrolls Goes Online

More Elder Scrolls? Sign me up. Bethesda keeps churning out new titles and if history is any indication, this one will surely be as amazing and fun as its predecessors. Set a thousand years before Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online looks to push the franchise even further.

 “The imperial throne sits empty. The dragon fires cold,
unlit and from every corner, darkness grows. Now ancient
enemies band together, unlikely alliances are forged, old
ambitions rekindled. And as enemies rise faster than allies,
salvation cannot come from one hero alone. But from many.”

Chilling words; could there possibly be something more terrifying than dragons? This is all the back-story available, but it’s always fun to speculate.

Taking Elder Scrolls online opens many possibilites. Playing together with friends and other users would allow for item trades, something sorely missed in Oblivion and Skyrim. Imagine how fun it would be to travel with a buddy or team and defeat enemies — armies of them — or even fight them one on one in an arena.  Co-op quests would certainly be a nice addition; maybe one player has to grab one item and another player gets a different object, the two coming together to reveal its power.

Elder Scrolls fans haven’t been as positive, wishing for Elder Scrolls to remain strictly a single player RPG. Their frustrations are understandable, but hopefully Elder Scrolls Online will be yet another positive evolution for the series. After all, this is Elder Scrolls — people will have fun.