New Tales Announcement Imminent?

Tales Source is reporting that a new Tales game will be announced in the next issue of Jump, or at least an announcement of an upcoming… announcement. According to the magazine, Namco Bandai will be debuting their next installment in the Tales series at Tales Festival 2012 with a TBD platform of choice. It’s not really a big surprise considering the annual event is held for debuting what the Tales Team has been working on, but it’s good to know we can expect to hear something soon. Tales Festival 2012 will be held in Japan on June 2 and run through the next day, hopefully filled with many surprises.

For our readers in the West, though, even if they announce a new Tales title, don’t expect to play a localized version until 2014 at theĀ earliest. Considering we have yet to receive Tales of Xillia, there is little chance that we can sink our teeth in what they will show, outside importing of course. My guess is that they will show something for the Playstation Vita as the team has supported Playstation’s first Portable device very well in the past and have done great things there. Whatever it may be, hopefully fans will support it.