5 Things Needed to Make the Greatest Shooter Ever

Breathing life into the shooter genre is becoming more and more difficult. So many people waste their breath on whether or not the new Call of Duty or Battlefield is a carbon copy of its predecessors that they forget to ask a more important question: what could make the best shooters even better? Hardcore Gamer wanted to give you some reasons to start writing your favorite developers.

1. Spawn Kill Detection

Why no one has incorporated this yet is beyond me. Sure, spawn kills happen, there’s nothing anyone can do to change it. In fact, it helps newer players feel like they contributed when they have a disoriented player to shoot up. What bothers gamers the most are the players who know exactly where they need to be to pick up these cheap kills. So here’s something that would level the playing field. How about a specific zone prohibting enemy players from camping out and spawn killing in droves? As spawn locations change, so do these suspended areas. If the opposing player accumulates a set number of spawn kills in these areas, they’re warned on their HUD. If the player reaches the max, they’re executed instead of their helpless victim!

The Lowdown Dirty: Considerable Margin of Error

A system like this wouldn’t be perfect. What happens if you’re racking up some honest kills and coincidentally pick up spawn kills in the process? You’d be executed for almost no reason. That’s not fair either. Even for intentional spawn killers, why not just rack up kills until they get their warning and then retreat?

The Solution: Career Tracking System

Maybe in-game tallies aren’t the answer. Maybe lifetime tracking can help repress the number of habitual spawn killers. For starters, no one wants people to look at their career record and see they’re a dirty player. Perhaps the shooter can allow a ‘clean player only’ mode of play which prohibits these players with nasty track records from participating. Something like this could even lead to a new form of elite player ranking. Then if incidental mishaps occur, your overall career of clean play will weigh against occasional accidents.

2. The CornerShot

Sniping in games has become increasingly difficult. Between radar, spawning, and the chaos of the battlefield, the allure of sniping fades as shooters evolve. There are exceptions, but mainly to the extent of level design. If the map doesn’t fit, sniping don’t mean $#%^! That’s where the CornerShot comes into play.

For those who haven’t heard, this lethal gizmo is a genuine working weapon. The barrel is angled, allowing the shooter to hide safely behind cover to identify and annihilate targets without having to stand, crouch, or prone in harm’s way. Why haven’t we seen it pop up in shooters?

The Lowdown Dirty: Campers.

Campers would obviously have a field day with the CornerShot. It would be the most frustrating moment in gaming history to have a team packed with campers just waiting for you to make the mistake of moving.

The Solution: Localized EMP Grenades.

The real gun works off a localized camera. So why not allow players to trump the gun with an otherwise useless localized EMP grenade? It incapacitates the weapon’s corner cover option, and forces the player into fighting with a regular gun. Or want to get a little less sci-fi? How about some well-placed smoke grenades!

 3. Field Interrogation

This one’s especially cool for you COD addicts. You’re running around in Hardcore mode, waiting for the kill streak counter to tally up so you can unleash your enemy radar display. What if you could sneak up behind a player, and instead of a knife swipe, you grab him and make him talk? Coerce the enemy into giving you the location of all other enemies in play! You’re the only one who gets the temporary advantage, but you could still shout out to your squad where everyone is located, adding yet another element to FPS.

The Lowdown Dirty: Soldier’s Constitution.

There’s really no way anyone could say whether or not their in-game player would or wouldn’t disclose fellow squad members’ locations. So how could a game regulate who spills the beans and who remains loyal to the grave?

The Solution: The Suicide Capsule Perk.

Chomp down hard on that fake tooth of yours before the timer expires and take one for the team. Make this perk an option after the soldier reaches prestige, proving that only the most hardened war veterans have the gall to end it before ratting out their brothers.

 4. Visual Recognition: Directing Traffic

This might be the nerdiest idea on the list, but it would be fun nonetheless. You’re stuck in a stealth mission that requires a team of players to work together on opposite sides of the map. If you say anything into the microphone you fail the mission: complete radio silence. However, you still have to communicate with your team and instruct them on what to do next. This is where your camera comes into play (Kinect, Move, next gen version, etc.). The game requires you to execute precise hand/arm motions to indicate to the other players what they need to do next. You complete the motion, and the programmed command is displayed in text on the other player’s screen.

The Lowdown Dirty: Jumpers

Why not just jump up and down like an idiot to give the signal? Well, because you’re annoying.

The Solution: Multiple Objectives

Give the team multiple objectives to work towards. This way there are semi-complex visual motions required to command your squad on how to execute the mission in the proper order.

5. Communications Array: In-game Affects

The HUD has existed for decades. Then players were introduced to the enemy radar drone. Something you could destroy to eliminate some of your enemies’ HUD functions. The next step is something that needs to happen soon, and it would add a dynamic that would revitalize the way gamers strategize. Throw in a communications array, but not just something that affects in-game communications with support teams. Find and destroy your enemies’ communications array and they lose their microphone. No more telling your buddies where they killed you from. No more teamwork for the players who are on opposite sides of the map (you still have microphone options if the players are within reasonable earshot).

The Lowdown Dirty: Cheaters.

Things happen. Like how Xbox Live lets you create your own Party chat which exists outside the normal in-game chat functions.

The Solution: The Killswitch Option.

Say a shooter incorporates this concept into their game. If the mode requires it, external party options are disabled. Now players can enjoy an awesome new way to play.