BioShock Infinite: The Secret Behind the Wait

How long do we have to wait for the next installment of the Bioshock series? Postponed again, 2K Games is making us wait 2K years to play this thing. So what’s the real reason behind the postponed release?

I’m an enormous Bioshock fan. To think Infinite could have been lovingly clutched with these palms by now breaks my heart. I’m fearful for the franchise that gave us the 2007 Game of the Year. 2K games already received mixed reviews on Bioshock 2’s. Now they’re postponing Infinite until February 26, 2013. Typically, I would sit back and patiently wait for the greatness to unravel. The problem is we don’t have that kind of time. History has shown us what happens to great games that were delayed while next gen consoles approached. They’re either sloppily transferred into a semi-compatible engine to launch on the newer console or linger on a dying outdated system.

I know it sounds about as bleak as Andrew Ryan’s outlook on the nature of man. Luckily, there have been a few Big Daddy blockbusters to reach sea level while their consoles aged faster than a rusting hunk of Rapture. God of War II immediately comes to mind. With its late stage release on the PlayStation 2, it was still considered by many to be one of the greatest PS2 titles, and for good reason.

I’m staying loyal, but the longer they put off the game, the more put off the players become. Naming the title Infinite is a bold statement, and I’m hoping 2K delivers. Otherwise, they meant Infinite as in timeless as in how long can we get you to wait for this?

I’m guessing they named the title aptly, and this sequel is going to deliver. Bioshock has always been about hidden meanings. On that note, could there be some underlined symbolism to Infinite’s new locale? Are they planning on sending off the 360 into the sky like an Independence Day firework? Or are they planning to rise up into the heavenly wonders of a new generation console?