Tomb Raider Headed for 2013

Delays are becoming more frequent and unfortunately Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming reboot of their classic hit, Tomb Raider, is not immune to such a fate. Crystal Dynamics posted an unfortunate message to their fans informing them that they will be moving Tomb Raider from Fall 2012 to the first quarter of 2013. Considering how polished and promising the demos were at E3 last year, it’s surprising to see a delay of upwards to six months. But as they say, a delay is temporary while a bad game will always be bad. If it’s for quality concerns, it should be in every fan’s best interest that this be made the perfect game instead of releasing something rushed to the market. Now here’s hoping they are able to stick to the Q1 2013 release schedule.

First Bioshock Infinite and now Tomb Raider; even with E3 around the corner, this year is turning into a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps it’s a sign to publishers to refrain from release announcements unless your development pipeline is set to complete the game within a year’s time. Lord knows fans would appreciate it. Remember Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Prey 2?

Hopefully we won’t see too many more delays this year; otherwise it will be a cold winter.