New Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer — Funny or Too Far?

A new Lollipop Chainsaw trailer (or short film) was just released announcing the “Extra Super Special Edition”. In it, a group of three “average” male gamers demo the Special Edition, which includes a life size remote control version of the chainsaw-wielding Juliet (portrayed by expelled-PAX Cosplayer, Jessica Nigri). Once revealed, one of the men goes on a rant, detailing all of the sexual (if you can call them that) acts that he would like to do to her. Eventually (spoiler alert), the three men fight over the controller until Juliet accidentally chainsaws them to death. Is this too far for a video game trailer?

It could be argued that the trailer comes off as sexist. After all, though censored, the laundry list of acts he would like to commit to her is pretty explicit. In a game that some have already accused for “objectifying women”, it certainly doesn’t bode well when the target audience is portrayed as sexually rabid.

Conversely, the trailer could be seen as a statement against the sexual nature of the game. The gamers are obsessed with Juliet and when they attempt to get fresh with her, she chainsaws them to death, proving that she’s not one to be crossed.

Honestly, though, regardless of how you interrupt the ad, the real crime here is against comedy. The whole video just comes across as awkward and juvenile. It’s a cute idea, but the execution seems like what a group of 15 year olds would produce, mistaking sexual references for comedy.

There’s a lot of satire to be had with this concept that is being missed. Hopefully Lollipop Chainsaw proves to more clever than the marketing around it.