38 Studios’ Project Copernicus Unveiled

Things aren’t looking all that great for 38 Studios. With cheques bouncing and $100 million owed to the state of Rhode Island, the studio needs to get things flowing fast. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was supposed to be their starting point, but sold less than half a million copies according to NPD. It’s safe to say their brand penetration is falling short of what they expected. No longer can they delay projects, so with that, 38 Studios has unveiled their first scheduled release date for their MMO in development since the last generation of consoles, along side a nicely constructed flyby video, demonstrating the world of Copernicus.

Project Copernicus, name still not final, is scheduled for release in June 2013 and based on the video, the world is quite varied. Unfortunately for 38 Studios, Rhode Island is no longer helping fund the MMO (and for good reason). When you can’t make your payments, don’t expect to receive even more loans that could be just dumped onto innocent tax payers if the company is a failure. Here’s hoping the MMO is a success and 38 Studios stays a float as Amalur was an entertaining title, but I don’t know how they will fair in the market, especially against Bethesda’s upcoming Elders Scrolls Online MMO.