Even More Delays: XCOM

During today’s Take-Two financial call, it was announced that XCOM has been pushed back from its original release date aimed before financial year 2013, to before the end of the financial year 2014. That means, for all we know, the game will be released in the first quarter of 2014… two years from now.

What is going on at 2K Marin? The first-person shooter reimagining of XCOM was announced way back in early 2010 and it hasn’t looked so hot since then. Delay after delay have put its release into question. An even closer representation of the XCOM games was announced last year, XCOM: Enemy Uknown, from Firaxis Games, and that was revealed to have a October 9th release date.

The team did a great job with Bioshock 2, but XCOM is going to be four years in development before it’s released, and for all we know another delay could happen still. In any case, another game delayed, another long wait for fans. Hopefully 2K Games can make their money back somehow.