Marvel Heroes Detailed

Gazillion Entertainment has revealed the first details of free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes.

The lineup will draw from the 8,000 character roster of the Marvel franchise. While all 8,000 won’t be playable, you’ll be able choose from obscure characters like Cable or Squirrel Girl. For those who get their Marvel history from The Avengers, don’t worry, they’ll all be playable as well. Characters can be customized by choosing costumes, superpowers and items that can be picked up throughout the game.

The game will have social areas such as Xavier Insitute and Midtown Manhatten to meet with friends, discover missions and buy items (remember: free-to-play, not free-to-enjoy!).

Written by Brian Micheal Bendis, author of Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Secret Invasion and more, Marvel Heroes promises to boast some legitimate Marvel storytelling.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect is that Gazillion Entertainment President, David Brevik, formerly helped create Diablo and promises to bring that knowledge and experience to Marvel Heroes.

With both the creator and writer boasting an impressive pedigree, Marvel Heroes certainly has more talent behind it than most F2P titles. As seen in the newly-released launch trailer below, the Unreal Engine powered game looks the part as well. Hopefully they can cash in on the urge everyone is having to put on tights and save New York.