Need For Speed Movie a Possibility

If you were ever captivated by Need for Speed’s rich story, EA has some good news for you. According to Variety, the video game publisher has tapped George and John Gatins (writers of “Real Steel”) to turn the popular franchise into a movie.

John Gatins and EA themselves are producing the project and have shopped it around to Warner Bros, Sony and Paramount, with Paramount being the frontrunner.

It’s interesting that EA is developing this project themselves. Perhaps this is a sign of video game studios trying to break into the movie business, instead of simply auctioning off the rights.

The last NFS title, The Run, featured the most story (or first story, depending on how you view it) of the franchise.

Hopefully this franchise does well enough to get sequels; we all know how awesome 2 Need 2 Speed, Need for Speed: Tokyo Drift and Need Five would be.