Phantasy Star Online 2 Pre-Open Beta Begins

“Phantasy Star Online 2 Pre-Open Beta Begins” are words that will eventually cost you many hours of life. If you’ve ever gotten into one of the games, you’ve certainly gotten into it. Due to the party-aspect and tight knit community, it’s certainly a game you sink hours into without even noticing.

As the worrisome/awesome title states, Sega has opened up Japanese registration for the latest PSO title. Head over here to check it out. If you don’t understand anything, Phantasy Star Fan Blog has been kind enough to create a translation guide to speed you through the process.

The beta is set to launch in late June with players recieving “something” for their participation. Pre-open beta characters will not carry over to the retail game, but open beta (when released) characters will.

Before you get too excited, remember that this beta will be entirely in Japanese. I’m sure that won’t stop the most addicted devoted of you, though.