Miyamoto Wins Big for Nintendo

Spain’s Prince of Asturias Prize for Communication and Humanities was awarded again this Wednesday to a beloved, familiar face, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Miyamoto has brought the world over three decades of amazing games, with a significant hand in many of the Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong titles. After solidifying these classics, he worked on Nintendo greats like Pikman, StarFox, and the F-Zero franchise. Later, he helped everyone get up and jiggle their hardcore gamer buns off with the Wii Fit and Wii Sports titles.

The Prince of Asturias Prize — a Spanish award named after the Prince who founded it — is highly prestigious and sought after by many. Often a prize bestowed to entities and organizations, it was quite an honor for 59-year-old Miyamoto. According to Fox news, Miyamoto reportedly expressed his appreciation in a Nintendo release, saying “I feel very honored to get the news that I have been selected to receive the Prince of Asturias Prize for Communication and Humanities” .

Along with the award, and the diploma that comes with it, is the cash award of 50,000 Euro ($63,040USD). Chump change for the man with a current net worth of approximately $40 million dollars (Celebrity).

A worldwide recognition for the console developer who plans on tackling the new generation first, this might be quite the stepping stone, strengthening the release of the Wii U. Gaming politics aside; this is a well-deserved recognition that speaks in an official capacity for fans the world over. From casual to hardcore, gamers everywhere give Miyamoto a standing ovation.

Who do you think is another good video game-related candidate for the next Prince of Asturias Prize for Communication and Humanities?