Sleeping Dogs 101

Who would have thought Sleeping Dogs would get to where it is now? Formerly the next iteration into the True Crime franchise, Activision dropped the title when they thought they couldn’t have annualized it. Thankfully, the good folks at Square Enix were happy to pick it up and allow United Front Games to complete it. Formerly in rough shape, word around the game a couple years ago wasn’t all positive, but with lots of work put into it, the game is looking brighter than ever. Closing in on launch, it’s best we get to know what we are getting into, so Square Enix has distributed a 101 video on the basics of Sleeping Dogs.

Offering a ton of variety and fluid gameplay that is sure to entertain, Sleeping Dogs is looking most promising. With over 65 difficult vehicles, customizable clothing and martial arts like you have never seem before outside a cage, this is becoming the Chinese version of the Yakuza games, not to mention an open world to explore and lots of little things to fill your time before heading into the thick of things. I mean, how many games have cock fights in it? I’m grateful that Square Enix picked up this property as it seems to have turned around. Be sure to check out Sleeping Dogs this August.